The team at Flatshifter/quickshifters are passionate about designing and building professional high-quality quickshifters and unique motorsport  shift systems for over 15 years, our team have between us competed in motorcycle racing, drag racing, F750 race cars,1000 cc bike engined race cars,100 cc  karting, Pro karts as well as bike engined kit cars Flatshifter have become one of the worlds most popular options for bike engined race cars, kit cars and road & race motorcycles, as well as conventional race cars using a sequential transmission ie Elite, Hewland, sadev, Drenth, Quaife etc etc.

In Y2K we had been distributing quick-shifters for only motorcycle engines (The usual full throttle clutchless upshift only type) for about two years and had started receiving customer inquiries about the possibility of a unique clutchless down rev matching gear shift system.

As the only bump & blip systems, available then were either crude fixed blip systems or high-end systems used in F1, touring cars and world rally cars, we set out to develop our own unique rev matching auto throttle blipping system.

Our aim was to produce a professional shift system that was reliable, affordable, simple to adjust, versatile, low maintenance and worked at all engine and road speeds while being extremely effective. It was also essential to have an over-rev inhibitor to prevent engine damage caused by the vehicle pushing the engine through the rev limiter by making too many downshifts too quickly.

We tried many different methods which included electric solenoids and motors which all proved to be slow, bulky, unreliable or difficult to control.

Eventually, we came up with the idea of using engine manifold vacuum pressure to power and automatically regulate the engine throttle blip required for reliable downshifting.

A patent was applied for and subsequently granted.

We then started manufacturing our own up and down bump & blip system, which has proved extremely popular with bike engined cars owners and sequentially equipped race car owners who were unfamiliar with sequential gearboxes with many owners found them easy to break or damage through bad downshifting.

This professional bump & blip quick-shifter system has been continuously refined and updated over the years with the use of our own vacuum actuator, and control valves and has proved to be extremely reliable with several thousand units in regular  use on motorcycles, race cars ( bike engined cars ) and just about everything non motorcycle fitted with a sequential transmission for clutchless shifting.

We are carried out further developments to produce an electric solenoid button or paddle operated gear selector system that would seamlessly integrate with our clutchless gear shift kits that would enable effortless reliable gear shifting up and down the gearbox on any sequential transmission ie, not just motorcycle engines but Quaife, Elite, Sadev, Drenth, Hewland etc sequential transmissions bolted to V12 V10 V8  4 cylinder etc race engines.

We have yet another 2 new Flatshifter products introduced in 2013 designed to improve the somewhat clunky standard gear selection on most motorcycle gearbox’s this product also greatly reduces missed shifts /false neutrals take a look at the Flatshifter Slik-shift kit.


Complete Flatshifter Max system as supplied.

All Flatshifter products and motorcycle quick-shifter are repairable, most of our competitors products are made in China etc and are totally sealed so that when you get a problem just after the warranty has expired you have to Throw it away and pay for another unit, All Flatshifter clutchless shifting kits are repairable so in the very unlikely event of a problem after the 12 month guarantee has expired you can return the unit to us for any repairs, we still repair our kits we supplied over 12 years ago !!!

We ship to all countries on a regular basis including the USA, Australia, Canada, NZ, all of Europe, Guernsey, Malta, Japan, Scandinavia, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Korea, Japan, India etc etc